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Facial Aesthetics – The Myth of Symmetry

The concept of facial symmetry has become the main guiding principle of Cosmetic Medicine absorbed by many patients seeking aesthetic services. Establishing facial symmetry by all available means is being assumed to represent the path to absolute beauty and stamp of practitioner’s skills. Very few doctors, however, are aware of the true concepts of beauty […]

The History of Feminine Beauty

(Very) Brief History of Feminine Beauty FROM PRE-HISTORY, GREECE, MIDDLE AGES AND RENAISSANCE TO IMPRESSIONISM, DIOR’S 40’S , REBELIOUS 60’S AND 2000’S.                                                                   […]

The Twin Paradox

The Twin paradox You are sitting in your surgeon’s office having nice and informative conversation about your upcoming, non-emergency, gallbladder surgery. Near the end of your consultation, you make a special request – you ask the surgeon to make the incision in a shape of a star fish just because you are very attracted to […]

Dr. Kacki recommends optimal skincare products & treatments

  Dr. Kacki’s recommendations for optimal skincare product usage & skincare treatments to perfect and maintain healthy, youthful skin!     SKINCARE*     THE BEST     Sunscreen                                                                 […]

“BEFORE and AFTER” – Believe It or Not?

The success of the aesthetic medicine, like fashion industry, depends on positive visual perception by the target audience. Not surprisingly, the representative imagery has been a subject to many manipulations aiming to enhance a favorable impression and desire for perceived rewards. In reality, however, the outcome may be very disappointing and far from the results […]

Dermal Fillers: Synthetic vs Non-Synthetic. The FDA, Ethics and Money

PART I of IV VISAGE MedArt is an ambassador, full on supporter of many, natural, bio-degradable DERMAL FILLERS (facial volume enhancers) currently on the market. Dermal Fillers have been used around the world for over two decades with continuous annual growth of injection procedures. Filler injections have become THE most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure in […]

Dermal Fillers – What, Where, Why and How? The VISAGE difference

There are about 14 dermal fillers of non-animal origin available in the US yet there are over 200 fillers in use around the World. Many of unavailable to us fillers are from the makers of our Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse. The Galderma’s Restylane line is 27 products-long but we have only 5; Allergan, the company […]

Platelets and Process of Rejuvenation and Tissue Repair

Platelets and Process of Rejuvenation and Tissue Repair Platelets, one of three major blood cells, play a key role in natural process of repair, healing and rejuvenation of damaged tissue. The entire process occurs over time by utilizing effects of several factors contained in platelets. To make it understandable here is the most simplified explanation: […]