What is IN? What is OUT?

The 6th European Masters in Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine Congress ended in Paris on October 17, 2010. Each year, the most renowned aesthetic practitioners from Europe and beyond, present a multitude of avan-garde  studies, techniques and workshops. Receptive audiences have a rare opportunity to discuss many aspects of the newest developments and witness engaging live presentations. Major vendors display their most advanced products allowing for hands-on experience. VISAGE MedArt was represented by Dr. Marek Kacki with a lecture on his new laser technique for facial vein removal. Dr. Kacki presented results of a 10-month study on 56 patients who underwent the procedure at VISAGE MedArt. The presentation was met with great interest and was followed by discussion that extended beyond the scope of the subject.

What is IN?  What is OUT?


In the field of facial aesthetics, the flexible cannulas for the injection of fillers are definitely here to stay replacing most of the needle injections. They are IN! Introduced less than 2 years ago, this technique has revolutionized dermal filler injections around the world. Key filler companies conduct many studies evaluating their products for all facial areas using flexible cannulas as a main mode of injections.

The flexible cannulas have replaced needle injections of cosmetic fillers with few notable exceptions such as chin augmentation, ear reshaping and Tri-Site method of lower eyelid and upper cheek enhancement. We are proud to be in the forefront of this revolution!

Several techniques of facial aesthetics have been validated. A revolutionary non-surgical upper eyelid approach has gained a universal acclaim since its initial presentation at the World Congress in Monaco in 2010. This ingenious concept was developed by Dr. Blenslimane by systematic observation of human faces and an artistic approach to aesthetics.

More sophisticated fat transfer techniques for volume restoration are IN. A lot of hope is placed on the stem cell revolution. Methods are being perfected and the newest generation of fat/stem cell transfers are around the corner.

The most important IN, to my delight, is a strong emphasis on the most natural results! This concerns the whole body in the areas that are subjected to aesthetic corrections or enhancements. The uniformity of the appearance is definitely IN!


OUT, and permanently expelled from the language of aesthetics are unnatural results! Again, I am delighted!

Tight faces and frozen expressions, fish lips, over-sized breasts and over-arched eyebrows belong to the archives of history of progressive aesthetics! Gone, but not forgotten. They are definitely OUT!

The discrepancies between face, neck, chest and hands are slowly leaving the scene, being replaced by fully natural and uniform appearances.

Overall, the most important aspect of Aesthetic Medicine, the natural look, is being reinforced by the Congress. Regardless of the cultural diversity and personal preferences, we all agree that each and every patient deserves the best appearance that emphasizes their own natural beauty.