The VISAGE Difference

VISAGE MedArt is a most unusual Aesthetic Medical Center.  It is a medical office. It is an art gallery. The waiting area, treatment rooms, even the restrooms contain original art from three continents. Many of the pieces are the creation of the owner, operator, physician, Marek Kacki, MD.

After nearly 3 years in operation, with minimal marketing, VISAGE is quickly becoming one of the leading aesthetic centers in Nashville and beyond. Their signature procedures revolve around artistic face sculpting, minimal down times and long lasting results.

From their own skincare line of prescription ingredients, state of the art face, neck and chest laser resurfacing to non-conventional uses of Botox and dermal fillers, VISAGE MedArt is known as a no-nonsense, no-fluff and no pressure aesthetic center. You will not find the usual multitude of hyped methods or many lines of overpriced “cosmoceuticals.” VISAGE operates purely on solid science, reproducible results and the world’s cutting-edge techniques.

Dr. Kacki is one of few physicians in the US using the newest revolutionary needle-less technique of dermal filler injections.  While perfecting this method he works closely with the German filler company Merz, as well as Allergan, the makers of Juvederm, and the French manufacturer of ingenious injection cannulas, Dermasculpt.

Dr. Kacki has developed a new laser technique for facial spider vein removal with results surpassing the standard laser approach. His technique was presented last October at the European Congress of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine in Paris, and he has now been invited to make a presentation at the upcoming World Congress in Monaco.

Dr. Kacki:

“I must admit that my contacts with the best contemporary pioneers of Aesthetic Medicine in the world have allowed me to take my reflections and skills farther than I could have imagined. It brought a realization that aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery included, is in its early stage of conquering true aesthetics.”

But there is another element, equally important to me, that fortified my aesthetic philosophy and propelled my enthusiasm: it is my ongoing irritation with certain “new faces”, those “done”, “operated” or “injected”, the look-alike faces that we see here and there: the swollen “sausage” mouth, distorted “fish” lips, “trumpet” noses with gaping nostrils, “suspended and surprised” eyebrows, massive breasts and “wind tunnel” look. These were acceptable in the early stages of modern plastic Surgery in 70’s and early 80’s. Some became a hallmark of Hollywood inspiring subcultures in the 90’s and at the turn of the new millennium. But from an aesthetic point of view, there is no excuse for such distortions in 2011! True art conceals its own creation.

The giants of plastic surgery have transformed the Aesthetics incorporating the key ingredient of

success, the Art Form. From Jack Sheen’s artistic rhinoplasties through Ellenbogen and Conell’s definition of a beautiful neck to Coleman’s facelift concept and, most recently, Benslimane’s frame concept, we have all the tools to enjoy universally the fruits of their leadership. We should…

Our prime goal is to inject a healthy understanding of the concept of aesthetics; what can be expected and what should not be considered in order to achieve the most beautiful and natural look. We always start with basic skin care, prevention of damaging factors and effective rejuvenation with topicals and, when indicated, with laser resurfacing. Only then can the optimal results be expected regardless of the next steps.

Botox or dermal fillers are wonderful tools to achieve optimal results. But, these are tools that must be used responsibly according to the rules of visual perception. Less than that will not work.

My approach to face sculpting is simple. Concentrate on the whole face and not allow one part to dominate your efforts. For example, the lips must fit the context and proportions of the eyes. The cheeks must have a natural projection and a harmonious angle with the midline. The jawline must be seen as a sum of the opposing forces. Light interaction may be more important in the perception of  the upper eyelid than the level of your eyebrow. And so on.

In the end you can reach an optimal stage when the only task is to maintain rather than enhance, to

enjoy continuity of your beauty rather than go through peaks and troughs without consistency. But

there is one condition. You must be patient. You must take small steps rather than periodic leaps. It

makes sense. In the long run, it is less expensive.”

VISAGE Skin skincare line was designed by Dr. Kacki and compounded by a local and respected compounding pharmacy. The core products contain only those ingredients that carry solid, scientific, long term data; therefore, most are by prescription only. Despite the simplicity of VISAGE Skin products, they provide 100% of what science offers for skin rejuvenation: stimulation of collagen production, removal of excessive pigment, reduction of wrinkles (not the appearance!) and hydration.

The improvement in the “appearance”, for example, of wrinkles is a marketing term for creating a temporary visual illusion of improvement. These are the essence of “cosmoceuticals”, which is a marketing category not recognized by FDA. Our goal is to achieve a real and long-term improvement of age-related skin changes.

Our recommendations relate to all exposed areas such as hands, neck and the upper chest, at the least. There is no other way to achieve what Greeks valued the most: harmony.

Botox and dermal fillers are injectable substances, the sculpting tools capable of improving or reshaping our 3-dimensional structure.

Botox, in addition to relaxing and eventually erasing many correctable lines (forehead, frown lines, lines around the eyes and lips, neck lines and folds and chest lines) can be successfully used to gently enhance lips, elevate different parts of the eyebrow, make eyes bigger, elevate the tip of your nose or corner of your mouth, may reduce a “gummy smile”, particular cheek lines, and reduce an uneven chin.

There are very few fillers available in the US when comparing to the rest of the world (over 90 products). Having experience with many key fillers not available here allows Dr. Kacki to maximize his expertise in facial sculpting.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty: Re-shaping the nose using a small amount of dermal filler can provide lasting results.

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Spider vein removal: Using our new technique, the majority of spider veins can be removed in a single treatment with truly minimal discomfort.

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The use of fillers has gone through many transitions until a few years ago when the new concepts were developed. We operate in volumes, not the lines, following in reverse the steps occurring in the physiological process of face aging. We operate, above all, in light and shadow interactions, which is an enigmatic key in visual perception.

Except in rare cases, there is no need to consider dermal fillers in the lines, wrinkles or folds. It is frequently a waste of your money. A typical example is naso-labial folds, the folds running from the corner of your nose to the corner of the mouth. That is where the majority of filler injections are done. Yet, in the vast majority of these you achieve no aesthetic improvement whatsoever. Why? Because in the majority of cases, the problem leading to the appearance of these folds is somewhere else. There are aesthetic priorities in face sculpting. The upper face is by far the key area. Nothing gives us better perception of someone’s youthfulness or aged appearance than the area surrounding the eyes. The second in importance is the lower face, the area we subconsciously scan with our peripheral vision.

Our mid-face, except in rare cases, contributes relatively little to our appearance.

At VISAGE MedArt, our expertise concentrates on long-term results and individualized care. Experience the VISAGE MedArt difference. Call today for an appointment, 615-646-9770.