In October 2009 issue of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal I found the following article:

Less pain during injections for wrinkle-fighting facial fillers.

Less swelling afterwards.

Less time in the office waiting for anesthesia to take effect.

These are other benefits of a new injection technique that UT Southwestern Medical Center plastic surgeons are helping pioneer and are outlined in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  The procedure combines lidocaine with injections of facial fillers to instantly minimize the pain and allows plastic surgeons to begin the injection procedures without waiting for traditional anesthesia to take effect…

And so on…

The addition of anesthetics to dermal fillers is nothing new in the world.  In Europe, South America and Asia this method has been used for years and years.  Not anymore though, because the major filler companies pre-mix their fillers with Lidocaine which are available in variety of products.

I have been using this technique since our doors opened 2 years ago.  I was formally trained with advanced Botox injections in 2007 by an instructor who had been pre-mixing fillers with Lidocaine for at least a year.

Am I misunderstanding the word “pioneer”?

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