Aesthetics or Aesthetics? Part II

The LESS IS MORE philosophy is of particular importance in Aesthetic Medicine. It is not a concept, it is the sine qua non, a requirement of this specialty; it is a basic prerequisite without which it becomes an assembly line of non-aesthetic monstrositiesI can’t help but to feel sorry for those who unknowingly lost the chance for natural look  and angry at those who were allowed to introduce pure kitsch to human physiognomy by distorting natural beauty and, in effect, insulting the name of Aesthetic Medicine. Overwhelming preoccupation with the lifestyles of “famous” may force some to take direct cues from “transformed” celebrities and attempt to imitate their unnatural features. They frequently assume, unfortunately, that by acquiring star-like appearance, mostly non-aesthetic, one will enhance his or her chances in life. Whatever those chances could be.


We know some of them from media, some are our acquaintances, some are less known but their man-made features are on display in local magazines. We like some of them, admire amazing talents or generosity of others, yet physically, most of us would agree, they represent a template of distorted perception and bad taste of those who manufactured their features without any indication of artistic sense or talent.

Very few patients understand that one can obtain the most wonderful and natural results with minimal use of aesthetic tools. You can have enhanced lips with natural curvatures and proportions using only a fraction of “traditional” volume of the filler.  You can, most of the time, enjoy the most dramatic immediate facial rejuvenation by applying small to moderate volume of dermal filler into non-standard area rather than having it injected in place of no aesthetic importance just because it has been traditionally done. The idea of filling lines is in most part an outdated concept that brings overall a negligible aesthetic effect.

All too often the filler is injected just because…it can be injected.

The same goes for botulinum toxin. Botox is a great sculpting tool that, if used correctly, may provide a long lasting rejuvenating effect. There is absolutely no justification of using so called “recommended doses”; one can enjoy the most pleasing long term results with much smaller doses, still maintaining the ability to retain facial expressions.

Any visual object tends to be seen by us in such a way that the resulting image is as simple as the given condition permit. Our perception gives decisive priority to the simplest patterns we understand and know from the experience. The principle of parsimony demands that when several possibilities fit the facts, the simplest one should be accepted.

The aesthetic practitioner must not go beyond what is needed for his purpose and to achieve optimal results must follow the omnipotent example of nature which, in Newton’ words :“(nature)…does nothing in vain, and more is in vain when less will serve; for Nature is pleased with simplicity, and affects not the pomp of superfluous causes “.

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